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Iraqi Overtures
Symphony Magazine – Nov/Dec 2007

Solace Through Sound
New York Sun – September 10, 2007

War & Performance
Strings Magazine – October 2007

Music’s Healing Touch
New York Daily News – September 6, 2006

Sounds Rising Above Prejudice
New York Times – September 13, 2006

The Road To Recovery:
Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra
Symphony Magazine – March/April 2004

Mission to Baghdad
Strings Magazine – March 2004

This Battle of the Bands Is Peaceable
New York Times – December 7, 2003

Concerted Effort for Good Will
Crains New York Business – December 1, 2003

Iraqi Orchestra Moves Into New Home
Associated Press – November 14, 2003

The Arts Respond:
Expressing Emotions the Classical Music Way
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – September 8, 2002

Cultures in Combination
To Commemorate A Tragedy
New York Times – September 13, 2007